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Adara Todd - BA Animation degree (MDX Art & Design Degree Show)

Adara Todd - BA Animation degree (MDX Art & Design Degree Show) I feel like I've developed a lot these last three years if you were to see my first animations you'd you wouldn't believe that I have made them learning all of the film techniques and storytelling is develop me into a really good filmmaker I think it feels really good to finally be showing my film here I've made a full minute stop-motion film and it's about Alzheimer's and now that I finish them if the film is done and I'm getting such a positive response from everybody it feels really really good I've absolutely loved my tiny little six the teachers have been such a massive help they they're really passionate about the course my colleagues my classmate they've seen a massive help throughout these three years but I think I would have been able to do it without them I've been applying for jobs already lots of jobs I mean a lot of production companies my dream is to become a producer I really enjoy that part I'm making a film and it's the thing that I'm the best that I think I'm definitely coming back here again if I could do it all over again I would always choose myocytes to do it

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Animation degree

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