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Animal Crackers Trailer (Official)

Animal Crackers Trailer (Official) Meet Owen and Zoe! Day after day, they wake up and go through the same old routine I'm eating dog biscuit for a job. Your dad has me eating dog biscuits. You know... kind of... Biscuits... for DOGS! They both work too hard Hey, sweetie. I have a board meeting in a couple of minutes. Can you just grab Mackenzie from daycare? Yeah sure thing honey They need a change, and I've got just the thing Surprise! you are now the proud owners of one rundown worn-out circus. This is what we always wanted keep this box close It's yours now. The secret to the circus is inside old animal crackers? they're probably gross right? they're gross. *chomp* AAAAAAHHHHHH! I'm a hamster. Holy moly, holy moly moly holy Daddy's cute! Thank you, Angel. How would you like to be human again? How do these things work? It's magic They hate it. They didn't come here to see acrobats. They didn't come here to see clowns! Animals! I'm not a performer Animals, daddy! Animals! I'm supposed to land in that? Yeah. That looks like a fishbowl! Take it easy, horsey! Oh Oh OHHHH OHHHHH!!! Left! Left! Left! I mean, right! MY RIGHT! AAAAAAHHHHH!!!! *CHEERS* They say a circus is a lot like a family. But every family needs that special something that holds it all together fantastic Woo Hoo! Ha Haaaa!!! That's how the cookie crumbles BULLETMAAAAAAAAN!!!!! Oh! No! Check out these pecs. Look at 'em go.... Look at 'em go.... How is it that he gets paid MORE than me? I don't know, honey. Does it bother you when I'm this close? You... You're breath is not great Yeah. *Breathing Heavily* Ummm. this is too close . As found on Youtube Animal Crackers Trailer (Official)

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