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  • Rajat Pandit

How CGI Transformed Animated Storytelling

How CGI Transformed Animated Storytelling?

Movies are no longer slow and dull, but they have rather transformed into a fast and realistic piece of art.

There has always been creativity but according to 'Just Write', with the introduction of Computer Generated Imagery(CGI) the storytelling has shifted from the 'conservative fairy tales' to 'liberal allegories'.


The application of computer graphics which are used to design images in art, films, TV programs and printed media is known as computer-generated imagery.

3D animation has emerged out of computer-generated imagery and the computer graphics software has helped to increase the speed of animation films as well as allowed to produce professional grade films.

Computer graphics is a newly developed area in computer science and it includes programs such as user interface design, spirit graphics, vector graphics, 3D modelling and computer vision. The software plays an equal role in transforming the animated storytelling in the field of animation.


The idea behind the making of animated films has really changed.

The traditional films tell us the wisdom of past but the new movies teach us to trust the future. So the transformation is that first we were just listening but now we are learning from these animated films.

We have now shifted from drawings to computer graphics and this has given the animators required freedom to effortlessly move the character with a more real effect.

Along the transformation from 2D to 3D movies, we have learned that we are not animating the character but the camera and the major role in this is of computer-generated imagery which has widened our perspectives towards society, politics, civilizations and individuality.

Traditional animations always opposed the change and wanted to move on the same track while in the case of 3D animations, CGI helped them to accept the change and move off the track to explore more in this field.

In a nutshell, Computer Generated Imagery and the hard work of the animators has paved a new path to the animation. The transformation has travelled far away from TARZAN in 1990's to ZOOTOPIA in 2010's. The movies have now come out of the sophisticated boxes and brought a finite change in our society and individual lives.

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