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How Much Does A Whiteboard Animation Cost?

How Much Does A Whiteboard Animation Cost?

whiteboard animation

whiteboard animation

So the number one question we are asked is how much is a marketing video?

When our studio started in 2009 we believed strongly in transparency in our work and in our prices. That’s why we were one of the first studios to post our rates on our website. What goes into cost is how much time and how much quality goes into each frame. One way to see that is to simply watch videos side by side and compare them. Some videos will be static while other videos will have constant motion and lots of detail.

Discussing cost is key but what’s most important is getting a big bang for your buck. If a video costs more but you earn more revenue from it then the choice is obvious. When comparing videos when the video is over you should ask “What was the video about? Did it drive you to action?” If it doesn’t do that then it’s a big waste of money. If it does do that then it is a big money-maker. Most of our clients haven’t experienced the power of a good commercial, so their first thought is how to get the most out of the budget they have been given.

So here are the four main factors:

1. Quantity (number of minutes)

2. Quality

3. Style and

4. The speed of schedule So, first of all, Quantity -

How long is your video? Will your budget fit in 30 seconds or spread out over 60 minutes, like a movie? Our costs equal artist hours times seconds. The longer a video is, the more your budget will thin out. The shorter your video is, the more time and attention can go toward frame per second. So, how long is your message? Can you say it in less time. We’re sure you can.

Production studio professionals can help guide you to get the most out of your budget and in the most effective way possible.

2. Quality - Take a look at our pricing grid. As you can see we work with a range of budgets. And as you may guess the quality moves from high to low. A Pixar movie is expensive and effective a power point is cheap and often unmemorable. A cheap video has less attention to detail per second. It requires less work. Companies spend on bigger budgets because they want to be perceived as the Market Leader. Just as great companies pay for the best CEO to represent their company.

You also want the best video to be the face of your brand. Our video statistics also show higher budget videos get higher view counts and they do a better job of motivating audiences to act. Cheap videos get less engagement from their audiences and can be unimpressive. Unless they are a cat video. But cat videos don’t sell companies. To show the quality difference: Look at these two videos side by side you can see how this video is static at some points and there is less detail and thought put into it.

That leads us to

3. Style: Throughout our website, you’ll see a range of styles offered. Why? Because no company is the same. No product is the same. Our studio focuses on effectiveness. You need a video that produces results. A video people will remember and will spur your audiences to action. But certain styles are more expensive live-action can be more expensive depending on the detail. 3D animation generally has more detail more motion per second.

4. Speed or Scheduling - Our standard process takes a month from start to finish. We start with your message and then move to style frames, storyboards, and the final video. Other studios push clients out of the process but we invite our clients into it and we warn them of potential pitfalls or costs before they arise. If you need a video within a week or two we can accommodate but we then also have to pay for overtime work. A one month process is ideal because your industry knowledge is essential to making an effective video. Healthy partnerships between our team and our clients are what has made our videos successful.

Everything is included in our prices from script consulting to audio to illustration, animation, and the final output and you’ll have a video to use on your website, eblasts, conferences, meetings, Facebook, blogs, YouTube, racking up views year after year. If you have a question give us a call, anytime and Thanks for listening. .

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How Much Does A Whiteboard Animation Cost?

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