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How Stop Motion Animators Bring Puppets to Life?


HOW STOP MOTION ANIMATION WORKS DIRECT FROM THE STUDIO LIFE Ever wonder what magic spell brings the little puppets of 'The Boxtrolls' and other animated films to life? Is it just the 3D effect or there is something more? The answer is Stop Motion Animation. Though it sounds simple, it takes a lot of effort to be the animation we enjoy on the screen. Nearly 30 skilled artists work painstakingly for almost 6 months or more to bring the puppets to life that ultimately fills us with amazement and emotions.

STOP MOTION ANIMATION The technique is used to make movies, short clips and more have objects are being physically moved in a small increment.  Every small change is photographed in such a manner that when the series of frames are played back as a fast sequence, it appears as a motion sequence. Though painstaking, it has brought a revolution in the field of animation. To help you understand how these cute anime moves and talk, we have this featured video that highlights the making of 'Kubo and the Two Strings'. Here one of the stop-motion animators Mr. Alderson has a very practical view towards the technique. He considers this animation production as a giant puzzle to embody the character with life. Alderson also explains the need for about 30 plus animators for the job. Other than clay and engineered designed aluminum wire puppets, sand coated puppets were used in "The Sandcastle" that won the Oscar in 1977. Disney also performed experiments with stop-motion animation and produced a Mickey Mouse toys sequence in 1978 named "MOUSE MANIA".

HOW DOES STOP MOTION WORKS? Enjoying the stop-motion animation with popcorn is not a difficult task. The major question arises how the animation processes?

DESIGN OF CHARACTERS The characters are made up of aluminum wire along with their clothes which require very special engineering tools. A printing powder is used to make the faces and the body parts of a dummy character and then those parts are dipped in a super glue to fix the facial expressions.

TECHNOLOGIES USED COMPUTER GENERATED IMAGERY The manual design of puppets can be overcome by designing the models by 3D animation through the programs. Then the skeleton can be fitted to allow the animators to move the model. REPLACEMENT ANIMATION Replacements animation technique is used to replace the faces or the complete head for different expressions and themes. Watch the video to know more on how this creative method works. AND SO BEING GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO DO THAT IS THE MOST SATISFYING THING. !!musiC@!!!musiC@!. As found on Youtube STOP MOTION ANIMATION  SOME BEST SHORT FILMS

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