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How to Draw Animals Course – Big Cats

Learn how to draw big cats in this comprehensive  11+ Hour video course, animator and wildlife artist Aaron Blaise (“The Lion King”, “Aladdin”, “Beauty and the Beast”) takes you through skills needed to draw accurate animals and improve your art skills.



SUPPORT A GOOD CAUSE! $5 From EVERY SALE of "How to Draw Big Cats" will be donated to National Geographic's "Save Big Cats Initiative"  #5forBigCats #WordLionDay| + Learn More -->

Watch More Videos and Drawing Lessons on Aaron’s YouTube Channel

Additional How to Draw Big Cat Gallery Images:

How to Draw Lions
How to Draw Tigers
How to Draw Paws
How to Draw Big Cats Animal Course
How to Draw Cheetahs
How to Draw Animals Big Cats
Animal Anatomy - How to Draw Big Cats

Course Video Chapters:

  1. 01 Lion Heads

  2. 02 Lion Legs

  3. 03 Lion Full Body

  4. 04 Drawing Tiger Heads

  5. 05 Tiger Locomotion

  6. 06 Tigers – Line of Action

  7. 07 Drawing Leopard Heads

  8. 08 Leopard Bodies

  9. 09 Cheetah Heads

  10. 10 Cheetah Bodies & Movement

  11. 11 Cougar Heads

  12. 12 Cougar Bodies

View A Gallery of images with more of Aaron’s animal art HERE

NOTE: For your convenience this course is broken up into individual files that you may may stream online or download. Due to file size we strongly recommend you stream the files. Some videos are larger than others so if downloading please be patient as the total course is nearly 14 Gigs of data.

========================== Copyright Notice – The images, photos, videos, files and content of these course materials are licensed for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do not distribute, post or attempt to resell them.

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