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Overwatch 'Full Movie' 2017 - 2018 All Cinematics Cutscenes Combined / Animated Shorts

Is this on? I made a chronal accelerator. I'm sure I can do this. To all agents of Overwatch. Hmm. that's not right. To the former agents of Overwatch. This is Winston! Haha! Obviously... *grunts* Thirty years ago, the omnics declared war. The nations of the world had no answer, until they called upon a small group of heroes Overwatch was created to rescue humanity from the Omni crisis. We became the greatest champions of peace and progress mankind has ever seen. You were chosen because you had powers and abilities that made you.... you joined because you... You already know this. Look. The people decided they were better off without us. They even called us criminals. They tore our family apart. But look around! Someone has to do something. We have to do something. We can make a difference again. The world needs us now more than ever. Are you with me? Winston. I'm detecting intruders. Hang on, Athena. I led Overwatch for 20 years. People used to call me a hero.

Those were the good old days. They didn't last. People decided they were better off without us. They even called us criminals. Tracer: Why would you do this? Widowmaker: *snickers* They tore our family apart. The world is changing once again, and it's time to pick a side. But look around! Someone has to do something. We have to do something! Psst! What you looking at? Trying to crash another party, love? You don't get off that easy. Ryuu ga waga teki wo kurau! Can make a difference again? The world needs us now more than ever. Are you with me? We're still in the middle of this massive ice storm. It's crazy. We missed our resupply window, and we're low on rations, so Captain Al Parra is having the team "Hibernate". Come on, Mei. Cryo chamber time. Already? An hour ago. Be right there I'm leaving the sensors on. So, when we wake up, I'll have a whole new dataset to examine! Sorry! Get up, Snowball... Rise and shine, sleepyhead~ Now, let's see what our new dataset looks like! The atmospheric fluctuations above the anomaly have gotten...

It's much worse than we predicted. We have to get this to headquarters Where is all this data coming from? Snowball, how long have we all been asleep? What? No! Overwatch would have come for us. The coms are down?! Nobody even knows we're here! Wait a minute... Where is everybody? *tea starts to explode* My years worth of data... I could save millions of lives. I'll take our work to the world, my friends. I mean, I will try. The dish is broken. How do I get this data out? I can't do this alone. I wish you guys were here. Thank you, Snowball, at least I still have you. Let's see if we can make the batteries last a little longer.

Wait, what is this? This is broadcasting on the overwatch emergency frequency Maybe someone knows we're here! If I could just... Come on, Snowball. We're not on ice yet. Oh no, come on. Come on. Come on. Come on! That was the last battery, wasn't it? Can't believe I forgot about the batteries! Without power, we're dead. What? No! Snowball. You can't... Thank you, my friend. Wow Someone has to do something! We have to do something! We can make a difference again. The world needs us now more than ever Are you with me? Yes, Winston. I am with you. Rise and shine, Snowball! We're on our way. I thought this was supposed to be the most advanced security system on the planet. Girl on other side: We don't have all day...hurry up.

Reaper: Enough! Do you have satellite? Of course. Are you certain the target is on site? Oh, she's here all right, okay? You're in. I cannot wait until the inspection is over. The door. Sombra... I am in position. Sombra, time to target. Right now Chairman boys can they new guidance systems there will be the difference in destroying the Haiti. Dominic's tell me we're still on schedule The Omnium will not wait for us to be ready before they attack again Our first Lumix in a decade this will ensure the future of Russia Hold the perimeter we don't take over Sombra aren't cut off.

It's on you now. I'm all over it Wow Yeah, what Scott? You have no idea what it took for me to make this meeting happen Haha day. I'm not going to give you I? Mean I'm the one that set off the alarm. Do you have to target? Okay, listen. I'm here to make a friend and show you something I found Tell me what would happen if the people of Russia learned that their defender against the on nix was Actually getting her tech from the enemy What would that do to the future of Russia? What? Do you want? the most powerful woman in Russia I've always wanted a friend like that so I'm thinking I don't let these images appear on every hall of it in the world and You help out your new friend every now and then What do you say? Clock's ticking Amiga As if I had the choice now what friend I'll be in touch Mission failed Target escaped Brilliant I'm not a baby anymore Mama stop treating me like one listen to me Mija Get the flower and get back quickly no stop spine I worry about Alejandra every day No longer a child nowhere near grown up.

She is at a crossroads Hey, tell her about the heroes who saved our world time and time again because I want to give her hope But I'm afraid that she could be forced to make a choice that will decide the direction of her life Girl no nowhere Nowhere is right come here. You gotta see this oh Yeah Look at this thing Steven what he deserves I don't know I've Gotta go Joy It's just a bucket of Bolts I Have to go to the store before it closes or my mama's gonna kill me.

What's gonna be hard. We got any money Yo, go check that out Hey, come on Oppa get up You see anything who's there? Enough games Beto come out and fight You know get off that easy beep death Yes You you saved me. Why? Old habits die hard. I guess run home kid. It ain't safe out here You're one of those heroes aren't you? Not anymore And then there are the times when I see her smile, and they hope in her eyes and I think Maybe I don't need to worry about the land after all My family tells of an ancient legend about two great Dragon brothers the Dragon of the North Wind and the Dragon and the South wind Together they upheld balance and harmony in the heavens But the two brothers argued over who could better Rule their land Their quarrel turned a rage and their violent struggle darkened skies Until the Dragon of the South wind struck down his brother who fell to Earth shattering the land the Dragon of the South wind had tried But his time passed and he realized his solitude The sweetness of Victory turned to ash for years the bereft dragons grief through the world into discord and He new moon bitterness and sorrow One day a stranger called up to the dragon and asked oh Dragon Lord, why are you so distraught the dragon told him seeking power I killed my brother but without him I am lost a Stranger replied you have inflicted wounds upon yourself But now you must heal Walk the Earth on two feet as I do Find value in humility then you will find Peace You are not the first assassin sent to kill me and you will not be the last You are both the Comte.

De shimada Castle the den of your enemies This was once my home Did your masters not tell you who I want you? I know who you are Hanzo I Know you come here every year on the same day You risk so much to honor someone you murdered Yo does nothing of what happened? I Know you tell yourself that your brother disobeyed the class And that you have to kill him to maintain order That it was your duty It was my duty and my project That does not mean I do not honor him You think you are a your brother Kenji with incense offerings? Honor resizing one's actions You did to lecture me about honor.

You are not worthy since David died Ukalaka take You 12 Okay Only Shimada can control the dragons who are you? Do it then kill me? No, I will not grant you the death you wish for You still have a purpose in this life brother? No Wow, my brother is Dead didn't she the Dragon Knelt on the ground For the first time he was able to clearly see the world around him and he became human The stranger revealed himself as his fallen, brother Reunited the two set out to rebuild what they had once destroyed What have you become I? Have accepted what I am and I have forgiven you Now you must forgive yourself The world is changing once again hands up, and it's time to pick a side real life is not like the stories our father told us you're a fool for believing it, so Perhaps, I am a fool to think there is still hope for you But I do think on that brother when I was a girl, I had a fear of spiders I Was told they felt no emotion That their hearts never beat But I know the truth Human-machine, we are all one within the irs Before me I see the heat humans and only standing together United Nation 1 Oh, man Wow This is a secure channel no one to identify yourself immediately All rooftop teams check and clear Halo is leaving.

I repeat halo is leaving sir. There's been a breach We need to leave now chariot. This is team one halo is coming in hot over Such a sweet Foolish girl Looks like the party is over Why would you do this? When I was a girl, I had a fear of spiders I was told they felt no emotion that their hearts never beat But I know the truth at the moment of the kill They are never Mahalo Shield generator test ready to proceed now Now no need for that Winston your heart rate I told you to stop monitoring my vital Safina very well It has been 43 days 7 hours and 29 seconds since your last pad you're welcome Remember a healthy body healthy mind That's why I have this Every time you see news of this, sort we go through this I Remind you recalling overwatch agents to active duty comes with great risk The Petrous act clearly States any overwatch activity is deemed illegal and Punishable by Prosecco.

I know You're right That's the way the world is But I do miss the old days I Think you have something that belongs to me Hand them over. Oh, it's okay. You're not in trouble. Oh, I'll trade you There you go, buddy There's not much to see from in here kiddo But you know there's more out there. Don't you? Come on. It's time. I showed you something I'm detecting intruders Charlotte Athena Q4 lights The Jersey Protocols failing Witnesses reaper is extracting the overwatch agents Bijlee extraction and You took these because you wanted to see if there was more out there Well see for yourself Always remember never accept the world as it appears to be dare to see it for what it could be Wednesday, he's going to have all agents locations. I'll be sure to send them your regards Monkey a not a monkey I'm a scientist extraction 90% 98% I think that oh virus quarantined and running diagnostics on the core database restoring systems Never accept the world as it appears to be dare to see it for what it could be establishing agent connections Winston conflict as the world teetered on the Brink of anarchy a New Hope arose an Elite international task force charged with ending the war and restoring Liberty to all nations overwatch Soldiers scientists Adventurers oddities guardians who secured global peace for a generation under its steadfast Protection the world recovered and Today though its watch is ended Its soaring ideals of freedom and equality will never be forgotten that was so cool in that one battle they had sound weak remember he has No tracer.

Yeah tracer. She's like she is enough the cavalry's here Stupid you don't like oh, man. They said he could level the skyscraper And remember he was all fighting and wincing beat him, and it was like oh That's only in the hall of id's everybody knows overwatch got shut down half of them are just mercenaries now Enjoying these systems all right play times over get the cover come on move it There you are I Now larry loves cavalry there Come on.

Vick I get up Stay here Watch out. Hey You know the world could always use more heroes Yeah, that was awesome My name is Jack Morrison people used to call me a hero. I Led overwatch for 20 years. We ended the Omni crisis and paved the way to a better future Those were the good old days They didn't last Bad guys popped up all over the world Lots of folks said we failed to keep the world safe protests broke out They said that we were the problem and people called from my head they almost got their wish It was a conspiracy overwatch got hit from inside and out Our enemies blew up our headquarters and me with it they thought I tied part of me did but the war goes on Now I move in secret striking from the shadows Hunting all those that brought overwatch down Call me a vigilante if you want truth is I'm just a soldier Tonight on a moment in credit there's three of Mayhem And Chaos has caused untold Millions and property damage around the world But who are these two deranged Junkers and what inspired their orgy of destruction? Is this the work of Master Criminals or just a couple of idiots? It was junk rat who masterminded this string of attacks that has stretched from the australian outback to King's row and Beyond Now this explosives obsessed freak has his sights set on even greater acts of destruction his Co-conspirator road, hog is a remorseless killer who hides his face behind a mask? This giant of a man is more than happy to use pilots to resolve any situation together They have burned bombed robbed and killed their way across the world and their calamitous Crime spree shows no sign of slowing down Following their personal creed of no job too big no score too.

Small. It seems as though There is no end in sight to this senseless rampage unless we get your if you have any information as to the whereabouts of these two Extremely dangerous criminals you need to contact us right away Remember Crime doesn't pay, but we do We are courage we are justice We are compassion We are determination We harmony We are overwatch stealing the queen's cash Whatever it was you really ticked off the big boss this time Well, there's two things that solve every problem and explosives boom Gotta get money Gotta get bumped out again, huh, I Can't like to say the look on the queen's face when she sees exactly So we gonna go over the plan one more time so you don't? we get our glorious bling down boom Trolley ride up to the Right we need an escape plan reception Whatever you do ha Humanity is always being tested Conflict and war is the crucible through which we depart Every battle makes us stronger Yeah Those who fall will be forgotten.

Those who rise up? Their names will be remembered forever. Who is Sombra to the system? She's nobody. She doesn't exist. No one remembers the girl There were a thousand children like her after the war, but none of them could hack like she could. She learned that people were just as easily manipulated. Now, she understood how the world worked Information is power. So she kept hacking Politicians Corporations Governments It was an addiction but for the first time someone noticed her When your hardware's obsolete, it's time to upgrade. The girl was gone and Sombra was born Now I'm ready I'll find out who really runs the world. I'll find their weaknesses and how to exploit them. And when I do, I'll be the one pulling the strings Who is Sombra? You'll never know.

Adiós. Even here in Numbani, we needed something to protect us. Enter, the OR15 Defense bots. They took the old Edina model from the crisis and gave them a complete makeover They kept us safe for a while. I was at the airport when Doomfist attacked. Robots didn't stand a chance Everyone else gave up on you, but I saw what you could be. So I rebuilt you, updated your programming, and gave you a heart. New personality module installed. System rebooted. OR15 Online. No, that's no good. Every great hero needs a real name. What about... Orisa? made you to be strong and brave you still have a lot to learn and You'll probably mess up sometimes, but I know you'll become the hero we need. My name is Orisa. I will keep you safe. That is my primary function. My dearest Fareeha, Every mother hopes for a better life for her daughter. I was willing to fight and die for it. I taught you that there is nothing more important than protecting the ones you love.

You grew up surrounded by heroes. They filled your head with stories of adventure and dreams of Glory. One day, you wanted to join them. But it was not the life I wanted for you. I never told you of the weight I carry from all those I killed to keep everyone safe But I always did. What was asked of me? Until one day, I could not take the life I needed to I hesitated and everything changed the People who I was supposed to protect died and I was left behind gravely wounded The world believed that I was dead. I thought, perhaps that was for the best. I've lost so much in my life. I said goodbye to so many friends. I've buried the ones closest to me. But, for all that I have lost, I know that there are still people who need to be protected.

So, I cannot stop fighting. Not yet. Not while there are people still waiting for me. One day, I hope you'll understand your mother Anna you .

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Overwatch 'Full Movie' 2017 - 2018 All Cinematics Cutscenes Combined / Animated Shorts

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