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The Animated Films That Shined in 2017

The Animated Films That Shined in 2017 While it may not have been a year abundant with great animated features, 2017 was a year which contributed entertainment, heart, and innovation to the medium through a few special films.Every year, the world of animation continues to find new and innovative ways to utilize the medium. Free from the constraints of live action, animation has the ability to take us anywhere from the perspective of anyone. For 2017, we ventured to places both new and familiar. Sure there were plenty we would probably prefer never to speak of again, like The Emoji Movie, and of course, there were others that we got whether we needed them or not, like another Cars installment and Despicable Me 3. But aside from those were a few unique and bright gems that stood out amongst the rest in a year where the animation category seemed to be lagging compared to previous years. That being said, each year animation continuously proves itself to be more than just a children’s medium, and 2017 really drove that idea home. From Coco, a Pixar film for all ages to enjoy, to Loving Vincent a story for adults, about adults, an animated film never equates to being just “for kids.” And a cartoon is never just a “cartoon” in the sense that it should be funny or not taken as seriously. Like any live-action feature, it can be just as serious and moving as anything else. So let’s look back at some of 2017’s best-animated films.


The Breadwinner

Coco Skeletons
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