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The Wingfeather Saga Short Film

The Wingfeather Saga Short FilmASF -SHORT FILM UPDATES  [ rain falling heavily ] [ thunder rumbling ] CHILDREN'S CHORUS: Lo, beyond the River Blapp, The Carriage comes, the Carriage Black By shadowed steed with shadowed tack And shadowed driver driving [ horse neighs ] Child, pray the Maker let you sleep When comes the carriage down your street Lest all your dreams be dreams of teeth And Carriages arriving [ crows cawing and eerie whispers ] At Castle Throg across the span A world away from kith and clan You'll weep at how your woes began The night the shadows bound you [ ♪♪♪ ] MALE NARRATOR: There was a nameless evil whose name was Gnag the Nameless. From his Castle Throg in the Killridge Mountains, he invaded the Shining Isle to steal the powerful Jewels of Anniera, and the good king fell. It was said that with those jewels, he would have power over all of Aerwiar -- but they were never found. Unsatisfied, Gnag sent his monstrous army across the Dark Sea of Darkness to the continent of Skree. Now the land is ruled by Fangs. And for nine long years, Gnag has continued his desperate search for the Jewels of Anniera. [ ♪♪♪ ] [ sizzling ] Ready with the sugar, Leeli? Excellent, thank you! [ thumping and rattling ] Kalmar! Come here, Nugget! It's yummy, isn't it? NIA: Kalmar Igiby! Be careful, please. KALMAR: I am! NIA: You are a boy, not a ridgerunner. And hurry up, it's almost time for -- Breakfast! I knew it! - NIA: Now go wash up. - KALMAR: Ah! [ insects buzzing ] [ wind whistling ] [ waves lapping ] [ seagulls crying ] NIA: Janner! Breakfast! Coming! NIA: Kal, did you happen to see your old Podo this morning? KALMAR: Nope. I wonder where he could be. [ squealing ] Thwaps are back again. [ chuckles ] Not for long they aren't. These nasty beasties aren't wrecking my garden this year. NARRATOR: A Skreean thwap is not much more than a ball of fur with long yellow teeth. In the words of Bip Thwainbly -- fuzzy! What are you going to do with them, Grandpa? Go toss 'em off the cliff and right into the sea, of course. LEELI: But how could you? PODO: Easy! With a heave and a ho and away -- LEELI: Grandpa, you wouldn't. All they did was take a few totatoes for their baby thwaplings. Please, Grandpa. Fine, lass, I'll let 'em go. Maybe I'll turn 'em loose in Buzzard Willie's plot, eh? Ah-ah. Did you wash? For what we receive from the Maker, may we be truly grateful. We are. Let's eat! You were up early today. I couldn't sleep. I -- I heard something. LEELI: Well, I couldn't sleep because Kal was snoring. I was not! [ mimics snoring ] Ha, she has you measured right, my boy. [ chuckles ] Grandpa, you said if I got the sheaves in before breakfast, I could go to the bookstore on my own. That I did. Now, return that blade right away. And here's the permission form in case they give you any trouble. Yessir! Now listen, steer clear of the Fangs. Just pay them no attention. They're coming? What? The day'll come when those two will be the wind in your sails, not the anchor holding you back. Now, you mind them well. Can I count on you for that? KALMAR: Woohoo! Let's go! - JANNER: Yessir. - PODO: Good lad. NIA: Glipwood will be bustling today, getting ready for the Dragon Day Festival. BOTH: The sea dragons! NARRATOR: Each year, people flock to the Glipwood Cliffs to watch the mysterious sea dragons dance and sing. Dragon song is said to make one's tummy feel floopy and warm. Be sure to slow down for your sister! LEELI: I can keep up with the boys just fine, thank you! [ ♪♪♪ ] [ barking ] MAN: Wings and Dings and Purple Things. KALMAR: [ gasps ] Peet!? PEET: Wings and Dings and Purple Things. Love the shinies! Ooh, love jewels! Hey, the Sock Man! PEET: Not these shinies! Give me -- [ gasps ] -- mushrooms! JANNER: Come on, let's go. PEET: Wings and Dings and Purple Things! NARRATOR: The Fangs of Dang are quite dangerous... and smelly. They're very similar to humans, but they love maggotloaf and have fangs that drip burning venom. Bleh. Check-out form. [ hisses ] [ barks ] [ thud ] [ guffaws ] [ Nugget growls ] [ laughing continues ] JANNER: No, Mr. Reteep, I said I'd like "The Seventy-Two Ways to Trap a Thwap." MR. RETEEP (on intercom): Oh, yes, yes. I'll bring that right up, my boy. While I'm down here, would you like me to bring up "The Hidden Value of Human Hair"? It's by Phinksam Ponkbelly. That'd be fine, Mr. Reteep. Thank you. Hey, get down! You're gonna break something. MR. RETEEP (continuing): "A Study in Maritime Cuisine"? N-no thank you, Mr. Reteep, but would you still have Volume Two of "Creaturepedia"? MR. RETEEP: Of course! You know I do have the encyclopedic collection of Thwap eradication... KALMAR: Oh, man! MR. RETEEP: Hello, what was that?! Zouzab, is that you? JANNER: What are you doing? KALMAR: What? I'm fine. JANNER: Yes, but these books aren't. Help me pick them up before Mr. Reteep comes upstairs. KALMAR: What? Whoa! Is that Glipwood? JANNER: Where'd you get that? Put it back! [ gasps ] "The Jewels of Anniera." - Let's take it! - No. - Let's take it. - No! [ doorbell jingles ] Leeli? Leeli, where are you? [ Nugget yelps and Leeli screams ] Leeli! LEELI: Let go of my dog, you skinny lizard! [ Nugget barking ] Let go! [ Nugget yelps ] No! Whoa! Angry Fang. [ Nugget barking and venom hissing ] Hey! [ Kalmar grunting ] Wha! [ Nugget whimpers ] Nugget! [ hisses ] [ Fang groans ] (crying) Nugget? The Sock Man? Run, iggle Ligibys -- little Igibys. Leeli, we have to go. We don't want to be here when it wakes up. [ Nugget whimpers ] Oh, Nugget! Oh, sweet dog! Leeli, we've gotta go -- now! Run! [ ♪♪♪ ] Hurry up! (panting) Just a second. I need a break. Janner, the dragons! We won't miss them. What? Once that thing wakes up, every Fang in Glipwood will be looking for three kids and a little dog. [ hisses ] Oh, and the girl has a lame leg! Now, tell me, do you think they'll have a hard time finding us? - Angry Fang! - Hurry! Oh, man, he's gonna find us! We can hide in Glipwood Forest. That Fang won't follow us there. Yeah, because it's full of Toothy Cows! NARRATOR: The Toothy Cow defies description. In the words of Ollister B. Pembrick, it oozes fear as it oozes slobber from its oozy teeth. [ cow growls ] Eh... just give me a second. [ sniffs and hisses ] Oh, good, we're downwind. He can't smell us. [ mournful call ] The sea dragons! [ sea dragons calling ] Okay, we'll take the Glipper Trail and -- huh? Leeli? [ Leeli humming ] Leeli, shh! What are you doing? Come back here! [ gasps ] Ah! Kal! [ hisses ] LEELI: ♪ O holore lay thee low ♪ ♪ Holoel dark in the Deep ♪ ♪ Down beneath the earth you go ♪ ♪ Go holore fast to sleep ♪ ♪ Fast to sleep ♪ Leeli! LEELI: ♪ Fast to sleep ♪ ♪ Dark holore in the Deep ♪ Gah! LEELI: ♪ Rise again holore now ♪ ♪ Spring abundant holoel ♪ ♪ Render green the dying bough ♪ ♪ Raise the rock where Yurgen fell ♪ [ dragon grumbles ] [ dragon snorts ] When did you learn to sing to sea dragons!? I don't know! I think it's a song Momma used to sing to me. That's enough now, children. Let's go home. Now. [ crickets chirping ] Now what in the good goat grizzlefins happened to you? Janner lost Leeli, but you should have seen it! - PODO: Janner what? - KALMAR: She kicked a Fang! - She kicked -- - Then we all fought him off, until Peet the Sock Man knocked him out with a rock! PODO: Peet the Sock -- [ gasps ] And Leeli can sing to sea dragons! Dragons? Now slow your tongue, boy. - What do you mean? - NIA: All in good time. Right now, I think what we all need is some hot butterbread and cheesy chowder. KALMAR: I can't believe how big that dragon was! - LEELI: Oh, I know! - KALMAR: Did you see his teeth? They were as big as you, Leeli. You stayed together? You fought for your brother and sister? Yes, sir. Well done, lad. - Grandpa? - Mm-hmm? What do we do about the Fang? [ sighs ] Aye, lad. Tonight, dinner's on and we're all well. Let's take that. Ho, ho, ho, my little lizard kicker. Let's eat! [ slurping and grunting ] Let me get this straight: these grimy children bested you in battle? I sit on my rump and grow fatter with each rat I gobble, and I could dispatch of this vermin with my eyes closed. You do have fangs, don't you? [ laughs evilly ] I think it's time we find these children. Get up, tadpole, and send a crow for the Black Carriage. [ ♪♪♪ ] WOMAN: ♪ O holore lay thee low ♪ ♪ Holoel dark in the Deep ♪ ♪ Down beneath the earth you go ♪ ♪ Go holore fast to sleep ♪ [ male chorus joins ] ♪ O holore lay thee low ♪ ♪ Holoel dark in the Deep ♪ ♪ Down beneath the earth you go ♪ ♪ Go holore fast to sleep ♪ WOMAN: ♪ Fast to sleep ♪ CHORUS: ♪ Fast to sleep ♪ ♪ Dark holore in the Deep ♪♪ [ woman humming melody ]. As found on Youtube The Wingfeather Saga Short Film

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