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What Great Storytellers Know | The Story of Telling

We’ve always used stories to entertain, teach, and inspire. And despite what we’re often led to believe, storytelling is not an innate ability. It’s a skill anyone—from marketers and professional communicators to parents and teachers—can, and should, master. In What Great Storytellers Know, I take you through the steps of finding and strengthening your storytelling muscles. I share the seven skills to being a great storyteller and show you how to cultivate them to build trust and connection.  You’ll discover how to become more fully present and in tune with the world around you; how to find the extraordinary in the everyday and the power in the particular; how to speak from the heart and express your truth; and how to recognise, and replicate, the patterns in strong stories to chart an emotional path for your audiences. You’ll also experience how the power of storytelling extends not just to the listener, but to the storyteller. As you find your voice, you’ll create the change you want to see—whether to inspire hope in the hearts of your team, to build trust with your customers, or to strengthen a relationship.

It’s been a joy and a privilege to write this book for you.

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