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Whoever Tells The Best Story Wins

What a year 2020 has been for every one of us. For the first time in human history, every nation around the world is working on the same problem. The leaders who earned our trust during these challenging times were the ones who spoke to our hearts, not just our heads. They harnessed the power of stories, our most persuasive technology.

Storytelling is not an art reserved for the chosen few. It’s a skill anyone can get better at with practice. I’m on a mission to help people to tell better stories and use them for good.

The last Story Skills Workshop of 2020 launches today.

You can join us this session special discounted rate for my blog readers.

Here’s what people who took the workshop this past year said about their experience.

Whether you’re navigating changes in your work life or home life, or you’re shifting gears in your business, you’ve got stories to tell. We’re here to help you to tell better stories so you can build the trust and connection with the people you care about and those you seek to serve. I hope you’ll join us.

Image by Emran Yousef

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